Some RV dealers in the Dover, Del., area admitted this past year has been challenging with one retailer saying sales dropped nearly 50%.

But, according to a report by WBOC-TV, Salisbury, Md., those same dealers showing RVs during this week’s RV and Camper show at the Blue Hen Mall in Dover claimed business has started to pick up.

Kevin Alexander, CEO of Alexander RV’s, said sales have doubled since this time last year. He added that people are really interested in used inventory, because of their price.

Other dealers agree there’s been a lot more traffic on the lots with people interested in buying.

“There’s still people sometimes that would say, I would want to hold on to my money, but all the same time the majority of them are tired of the talk about the economy – they want to go out, enjoy their family and they want to put this behind them,” said Ryan Horsey of Parkview RV in Smyrna.

Customers say even though they want to buy, they’re still looking for affordable prices.

Jeff Morey, who was shopping for his first RV, said he was hunting for a bargain.

“I’ve been looking at them for a while with today’s economy,” he said. “It’s when you have the opportunity to save a dollar or two that it’s a good thing to do.”

He says owning one of them will give him more vacation possibilities and will cut back on vacation costs.

“The initial investments higher but in the long term, it’ll end up saving money,” he explained.

Morey wasn’t the only one looking for a deal.

The Stallwood’s say they’re hoping to travel all over the U.S. They say an RV will save on hotel and restaurant fees. And with lower gas prices, they say it makes sense.

“You have to make a decision of what you want,” said Derek Stallwood. “You sleep in your own bed at night, you can make all our own food when you wish, you do as you wish.”