Demco has introduces a fifth-wheel installation template to assist technicians and installers with installing all of Demco’s fifth-wheel hitch products. 


“We are always looking for ways to improve the installers experience when it comes to installing our products” says Verlin Keninger,  Demco’s RV products coordinator, in a press release. “with the introduction of this single template for all of our installations we believe we have helped the shops save time and money installing our fifth-wheel wheel product line.”

Demco’s installation template aids technicians in efficiently measuring correctly for fifth-whell wheel installations. The template will benefit a new installer or a seasoned veteran technician. The single template will work with all of Demco’s fifth-wheel hitch product eliminating the need to spend additional time measuring or dealing with multiple templates. 


Complete with convenient handles to carry and maneuvering, the template also has key holes so it can be hung on the wall and off the ground when not in use.