Foremost Insurance Group recently completed a demographic study of RV enthusiasts which, among other things, revealed that 60% of travel trailer owners and 45% of motorhome owners are employed full-time.

Foremost Insurance, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., surveyed over 19,000 motorhome and travel trailer owners. It has surveyed RV owners periodically since 1990.

Another findings is that the use of personal computers and cellular phones is on the rise among RVers. For example, 35% of travel trailer owners also owned PCs in 1994, but that increased to 68% by 2000. Among motorhome owners, 69% owned PCs as of 2000, compared with 38% in 1994.

Foremost also found that the number of motorhome owners over age 70 increased by over 50% in recent years.

A complete copy of the report can be obtained by calling Lila Krueger at Foremost Insurance at 616 956 8261 or writing to: Foremost Insurance Group, P.O. Box 2450, Grand Rapids, MI 49501.