Students at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design in Southern California were challenged to work with an unconventional medium: Airstream travel trailers.
According to a report in the Pasadena Star-News, instructor Sueann Valentine asked her students to restore and revive several aging Airstreams, creating works of art while also turning the trailers into mobile work stations.
Christian Lee originally envisioned a wheeled workshop that surfboard builders could take to the beach, but changed the design to create the perfect camping vehicle.
He wrapped a copper exoskeleton around his model to protect the trailer during off- roading. Its hinged sides flipped down to become sleeping platforms, resembling two giant wings.
Other creations included a deejay booth with bulletproof glass called the “Beat Box,” and the “Golfstream,” which contained a miniature golf course to be rented out for parties.
The class was part of Art Center at Night, an after-work program open to the public. All the redesigned Airstreams were on display on the Art Center’s campus.