The March 8-10 Virginia RV Show at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, Va., saw smaller dealer turnout than previous shows around the country. Despite the lower numbers, show producer GS Media & Events reported success among dealers and the many campgrounds and resorts represented. 

With 344,000 square feet of exhibition space and 35 event spaces, the dealers had a tremendous venue to work with at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. Representatives for Dodd RV, Portsmouth, Va., and Chesapeake RV Solutions, Chesapeake, Va., told RVBUSINESS.com that models produced by Grand Design RV and Forest River Inc. were well received by attendees.  

Both frontmen from Dodd and Chesapeake noted that their sales staff had a busy week ahead. Dodd product specialist Robert Christian attributed the high interest to the Grand Design units.

“We had a lot of retirees come through looking to start relaxing in style, and the Grand Design models definitely offer the quality they were looking for,” said Christian. “We did have a fair amount of younger couples looking to buy for the first time, it was all in all a good mix. I don’t do the projections, but I know we are ahead of last year for sure, and all the signs are pointing towards a great year.” 

Chesapeake RV had a great show as well, with buyers showing up at opening and throughout the show. According to one of the Chesapeake staffers, they had several residual customers waiting for them to open, and the salespeople were busy before 9:30 a.m.