One of the Northwest’s more aggressive RV dealerships is experiencing a good year, despite the vagaries of mixed economic signals.

In fact, Coburg, Ore.-based Destinations RV posted its best month ever in June with sales of $11.5 million, which was 30% higher than previously recorded, according to Matt Howard, Destinations’ marketing director.

“High-end motorhomes still are selling very well,” Howard said. “There is no softness in the high-end market. It is very lucrative right now.”

Sales of $32.3 million through May were 48% higher than they were for the same period last year, Howard said.

Despite the strong financial performance, Destinations recently has been the subject of bankruptcy rumors.

“A couple of employees of a competitor — and I don’t think it was company policy — were trying to undermine consumer confidence that we would be around to service their RV after the sale,” Howard said.

Destinations has received “positive response” from a cease-and-desist letter sent to the competing dealership, Howard said.

The rumor may have been fueled by the recent closing of Destinations’ Camarillo, Calif., sales operation, which was open less than six months, and an announcement by the company that it would no longer sell towables.