TengoInternet (Tengo), a provider of custom high-speed Internet access networks to businesses and consumers, has reached an agreement with Destiny RV Resorts, a Phoenix-based owner and manager of RV parks, to install and provide wireless Internet access at each of Destiny’s properties in three states.
Initially, Tengo will install its service at Destiny’s Dallas property, with more installations to follow at parks in Phoenix, and Blythe, Calif.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for both Tengo and Destiny to move to the forefront in the outdoor hospitality industry in providing technology-based amenities to this group of professionals and retirees,” said Eric Stumberg, CEO and co-founder of Austin, Tex.-based Tengo.
“For us, it is a continued validation of our presence in this particular industry, since we are working with a recognized leader,” he added. Tengo already provides service at Lone Star RV Resort in Austin and several other parks in Texas. Stumberg said he expects to offer service in other new markets, such as Florida, later this year.
Randy Hendrickson, the vice president and general manager of Destiny, said the fact that Tengo’s services had been successfully deployed at other parks weighed heavily in his decision.
“My primary objective was to add an amenity that would elevate our guests’ experience and create a happy customer,” said Hendrickson. “By providing a turnkey solution and, as important, exemplary customer service, Tengo has cemented its role in our expansion of this product into our markets in Arizona and California.
“We’ve learned from surveys that our customers typically bring a computer with them when they travel to one of our resorts,” he added. “The solution we have implemented in Dallas addresses the needs of any computer user visiting our Resort.”
Hendrickson added that the attraction for Destiny goes beyond increased occupancy, extending to the revenue that Tengo creates for the property. “An RV Resort can spend money on static items that result in a happy customer experience, but not all amenities have this kind of upside,” he said. “There is real potential for ancillary revenue to cover the cost of the implementation of this network in an even shorter window than I initially anticipated. So it is, in essence, an amenity with upside.”