A proposed 858-acre development in Carlsbad, N.M., will include a 75-acre luxury RV resort, according to a report in the Carlsbad Current Argus.
The large tract of land, located near the local airport, was recently purchased by developer Gregort Dunn. Local officials said Dunn has a variety of plans for developing the land, but first intends to build a 75-acre luxury RV resort, or what he referred to as a “land yacht resort.”
“These are million dollar units – yachts on wheels. These are not RVs,” said James Bradford, who was hired as project manager.
The resort will boast a nine-hole pitch and putt golf course, swimming pools and a clubhouse, as well as its own post office and various other features, Bradford said.
The gated resort will be surrounded with a 1.4-mile rock wall. The city will not have to pick up trash within the resort, he said, noting that park management will ensure that all trash is collected and available for a single pickup by the city outside the park.
“This is going to increase the city tax base,” Bradford said.
Bradford said Dunn is not ready to disclose further plans but he will eventually expand his development to include a regular RV park as well as traditional housing in the area.
“He’s uprooting from Florida,” Bradford said of Dunn’s desire to move away from hurricanes. “He’s the pied piper of Florida. He’s bringing a bunch of people with him.”
“This town is perfect for me. When I came though with my wife and my daughter, it was unanimous. We love the place,” Dunn said of Carlsbad when addressing City Council last week. “It’s just a lovely place: the climate, the people. It’s a very blessed place.”