Dewalt’s Recreational Vehicles Inc., a prominent towable and motorized RV dealership in Easton, Pa., closed its sales operations on Wednesday (May 13) but is keeping its parts and service operation going — at least for now.

”The rumors are that we are going out of business, and we probably will eventually,” said Greg Dewalt, president of the dealership that was founded in 1966 by his parents, Wayne and Sally Dewalt. “I will keep it open as long as the bank will let me.

”We were heavily into motorized and that market has disappeared.”

Dewalt said floorplan lender GE Capital on Thursday began removing about 70 units that remained at the dealership.

”The economy got the best of me,” Dewalt told RVBusiness. ”There’s a lot of distressed inventory out there to compete with. We were selling stuff at reduced prices already and there are others out there who are selling that same thing at below invoice. That makes it tough.”

At one time employing 48 people, Dewalt’s still has 11 working in the dealership’s parts and service department. “The service department is doing well,” Dewalt reported. ”We are booked out for three weeks.”

Efforts to sell the dealership had not been successful. ”I had hoped to find an RV dealer who would buy the property,” he said. ”That would have saved some of my people’s jobs.”

Dewalt has resigned his position on the board of the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association (PRVCA) where he also was president of the PRVCA Education Foundation.