The economic consultant to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) believes shipments this year will exceed 2001 levels by significant amounts, but this year’s totals will be below the levels of 2000.
In the Summer 2002 edition of “RV Road Signs”, economist John DeWolf forecasts towable RV shipments will total around 225,000 units this year, which would represent an 8% increase from the 207,600 units delivered from factories to dealers in 2001.
DeWolf forecasts that conventional and hybrid travel trailer shipments will increase about 10% this year to 112,500 units and fifth-wheel deliveries also will increase around 10% to 60,000 units.
Meanwhile, Class A motorhome shipments will rise about 16% this year to 38,800 units, according to DeWolf.
In comparison, a total of 207,600 conventional and hybrid travel trailers, fifth-wheels, folding campers and truck campers were shipped wholesale in 2001. During 2000, a total of 239,200 towable RVs were shipped.
There were 102,200 travel trailers shipped in 2001 and 114,500 travel trailers were delivered to dealers during 2000.
In terms of fifth-wheels, there were 54,700 units shipped in 2001 and 62,300 units delivered during 2000.
There were 33,400 Class A’s shipped in 2001 and 41,000 units were delivered during 2000.
During the first four months of this year, conventional and hybrid travel trailer shipments were up 12.6% and fifth-wheel deliveries increased 9.9%, according to RVIA data.
Meanwhile, Class A deliveries were up 12.2% after the first four months of this year, the RVIA reported.