New Dicor website

In the first major overhaul of its “Amazing” website concept, Dicor Corp. (www.dicor.com) and its affiliated companies, Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites, have all launched new websites designed to make it easier to access product information and news about the companies, as well as creating more prominent portals through which to access videos about products and RV care.

“Our ‘Amazing’ themed sites were our first significant steps in really building a unifying brand presence on the web while drawing attention the diverse range of product innovations we were developing,” said Larry Lebryk, director of Dicor corporate marketing, in a press release. “Since then, videos have become a more prominent and popular part of our site, and we thought we should do something to make them, and the whole range of information and products we now have, easier and quicker to access.”

Lebryk added, “This is another big step for us. The sites have a clean, contemporary look that projects the scale of resources at our command and the professional, straightforward way in which we do business at the highest levels. The corporate home page provides prominent access points to each of our affiliates. On each company’s home page visitors can instantly click on a graphic that opens the video section, and there is also a revolving view of some of our newest and most popular products that can also be immediately accessed.”

Lebryk noted that the user-friendly design also features an ongoing “news feed” on each home page that will give the site an “ever-changing engagement” with the visitor. “Our companies are all moving ahead on multiple levels with innovative new products and services, and this site will enable us to communicate this progress in real time,” he said.

The move toward making videos more prominent on the sites was particularly encouraged by visitor response. “After seeing our web traffic statistics over the past year, we were pleasantly surprised to see all the traffic to our how-to videos on RV maintenance, repair and restoration, particularly in regard to roofing. So we knew this had to be a bigger part of the design,” said Lebryk. “Rudy (the Dicor expert icon) is not hard to find, and he even speaks.

“The design also better conveys Dicor’s commitment to being a first-class supplier and innovator for the RV industry, a role we take very seriously in terms providing excellent service and options for continuous improvement,” continued Lebryk. “By making it easier for everyone to get ideas and information from our site, this is part of our continuous improvement as well, and indicates the way in which we want to help lead the RV industry further into the 21st century.”

The affiliate companies’ websites can all be accessed through dicor.com or through their own URLs at dicorproducts.com, sealdesignllc.com, unitedshade.com and vixencomposites.com.