Dicor Corp. is one of several contributors supporting ARK Project Now, a non-profit organization of young people traveling the country performing “random acts of kindness” to give people a hand.

According to a press release, the organization was started two years ago by a 19-year-old Elkhart, Ind., native, Alex Radelich, and some of his friends who toured the country in an older motorhome “helping people out and spreading smiles.” Some of their stops included helping an Indianapolis family who lost all their belongings in a fire shortly before Christmas, cooking a meal for 30 families of children fighting cancer, and passing out free ice cream in a poor neighborhood. They also perform smaller gestures to spread kindness such as buying gas for people or just listening to someone going through a rough time.

In doing so, Radelich and his companions drew national media attention, becoming the subject of articles in USA Today, The Huffington Post, and Parade Magazine as well as appearing on NBC’s “Today” show and the “Steve Harvey” show.

However, during their trip they encountered a number of problems with their older motorhome, which resulted in several RV industry suppliers including Dicor contributing to the purchase of a new $100,000 Thor Motor Coach motorhome to use for their next stage of travels. Starting in May, the group expects to take the new motorhome on a 9,000-mile tour of the United States, spreading acts of kindness over the course of eight to 10 weeks.

“These young people have shown a great deal of initiative in developing and implementing this project, and we’re pleased to be able to help in this way,” said Gregg Fore, president of Elkhart-based Dicor. “They’re a great model of what can be done by a few dedicated individuals to help others in all kinds of situations. It’s the kind of model of charitable giving that those of us in business should be supporting. These are the kind of young leaders that our country needs.”

Along with Thor Motor Coach, other RV related companies contributing to the project and the purchase of the motorhome were Atwood Mobile Products LLC, Lippert Components Inc., MITO Corp and Patrick Industries Inc.