Until now, only small, entrepreneurial start-up firms in the Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, business targeted RV parks and campgrounds as potential customers for the wireless high-speed Internet access services.
But on Tuesday (March 23), Hughes Network Systems Inc., announced it would begin offering its DIRECWAY Wi-Fi Access to RV parks and restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, auto dealerships and truck stops.
Hughes is a subsidiary of DIRECTV Group, which was a unit of General Motors Corp., until it was sold last year to News Corp.
Now, global media giant News Corp.’s Fox Entertainment Group controls DIRECTV.
RV parks and campgrounds, because they are located in remote areas where it often is too expensive to extend cable TV or additional phone lines, are viewed as perfect candidates for Wi-Fi because they can provide relatively low-cost, high-speed Internet access for their customers.
DIRECTV is the largest direct broadcast satellite provider in the U.S., serving 12 million customers in the U.S. and 1.5 million in Latin America, and because of its continent reach, Hughes believes it can offer “consistent, reliable Hot Spot service.”
“DIRECWAY Wi-Fi Access is a complete, managed Hot Spot solution that can turn any retail locations into an Internet connect destination, encouraging repeat visits, attracting new patrons and extending peak hours,” said James Gandolfi, a Hughes senior vice president and general manager.