A standoff between local officials over La Mesa RV’s use of a county park to host RV shows has been resolved, according to a report in the Mohave Daily News.
Arizona’s Mohave County Board of Supervisors enacted an ordinance stating the county has jurisdiction over Bullhead City, which fought against allowing out-of-town businesses to hold commercial events at Davis Camp County Park.
Deputy Mohave County Attorney John White said the ordinance does not give blanket permission to commercial businesses wanting to hold sales at the park, but only gives the county board the option to issue a permit.
RV dealers in Bullhead City opposed allowing commercial events, claiming local businesses would lose sales.
Charles Stickerod of Paul Everts RV County said any out-of-area businesses that holds RV or any sales events generally take millions of dollars from the area for its own personal use and is not a benefit to the local economy.