Roadmaster's InvisiBrake

Roadmaster’s InvisiBrake was awarded the Best New Product of 2011 at NTP Distribution Inc.’s recently completed dealer show in San Diego.

According to a press release, InvisiBrake is a fully-automatic, progressive towed vehicle supplemental braking system so compact it can be installed under most seats.

InvisiBrake is designed for simplicity and ease of use — there’s nothing to put in or take out of the vehicle for towing or driving. “We set out to make the ultimate no-hassle braking system,” said David Robinson, national sales manager at Roadmaster. “And we’re thrilled with the success we’ve seen since InvisiBrake was introduced last June.”

InvisiBrake also constantly charges the battery during towing and comes with a two-stage motorhome monitor. For more information about InvisiBrake, click here.