Dolphin Motor Coach National Traveller

Luxury Class B builder Dolphin Motor Coach has partnered with Ozotech to bring cleaner, safer, odor-free and great-tasting water to campers.

According to a press release, Ozotech is a distributor manufacturer of activated oxygen/ozone generating equipment and No Dirty Water (NDW) ozone-based water filtration and purification systems.

NDW has combined a five-micon filtration system with Ozotech’s proprietary activated oxygen/ozone generator to create a clean water system that filters out most impurities and provides antimicrobial protection from 99% of E.coli, coliform and legionella – some of the most common causes of water-borne diseases. 

The NDW system provides for purification and continuous ozonation in recreational vehicle holding tanks with a capacity of up to 2,880 gallons per day in a package that draws one amp of power and weighs less than 10 pounds. The NDW water purification system is now available on all of Dolphin’s Class B motorhomes.

“Water is essential to life, and access to clean, great-tasting water is critical to consumers and families that want to enjoy time outdoors,” said John Sztykiel, president of NDW. “The combination of Ozotech’s industry leading activated oxygen/ozone generation equipment and NDW’s filtering system provides the ideal solution for RV consumers to provide safer, cleaner water than alternatives available in RVs today, in a way that is both green and cost effective. NDW is a true water purification system that goes well beyond traditional reverse osmosis or other filtration systems, and that’s what has us excited.”

“At Dolphin Motor Coach we are always looking for new ways to enhance the RV experience of our owners, and partnering with NDW to provide safe, clean and healthy drinking water in an environmentally friendly way fits the bill,” said Darryl Connors, president and CEO of Dolphin Motor Coach.  “By providing the NDW system on all of our coaches, we can meet the demand of our end customers for great tasting water without the environmental impact of packing bottled water for the trip.  With a DMC coach, our owners will no longer have to worry about what’s in their water tank or at the campground.  They can be confident in the water that comes from their coach.”

Steve Christiansen, head of sales and operations at Ozotech commented, “We are pleased to partner with NDW and DMC to provide a market redefining, innovative solution for drinking water while camping.  We are committed to the power of ozone technology to provide cleaner, greener solutions and we see many opportunities to expand our relationship over the long-term.”