Dometic will be showing a new, six-gallon water heater at its “Experience Product Fair” event on Sept. 23 at the Wellfield Botanical Gardens in Elkhart, Ind., as part of next week’s Elkhart RV Open House.

According to a press release, attendees at the Dometic Product Fair receive a “sneak peek” of the new, next generation water heater, which will be what Dometic bases their water heater line on going forward.

The new six-gallon water heater has a burner system that generates an abundance of heat that keeps water temperature hotter for a longer period of time, giving the user a more comfortable showering experience. In addition, unit will heat water with less wait time, a valuable convenience when living mobile.

While the water heater is six gallons, the design provides additional hot water as a result of the increased BTU gas valve, redesigned burner and burner tube, and maximizing heat transfer.

The water heater will be available in three models: gas only, gas and electric, and XT gas and electric, made with a corrosion resistant aluminum tank that does not require an anode rod, saving the end-user time and money.

The next generation water heater will be available to OEM’s later this fall, followed by the aftermarket in early 2020.