Michael Kidd said he would have no problem with Harbor Terrace, a recreational vehicle campground that will soon call Avila Beach, Calif., home, if California were not in a major drought, television station KCOY reported.

“Nowhere did the governor say that we all have to cut back 25% except for the Port of San Luis and Harbor Terrace project,” Kidd said. “We don’t have water and you’re now hooking up 200 faucets.”

Kidd argued that’s insane when the state is asking everyone else to sacrifice.

The Port San Luis Harbor manager said, though, there is enough water in Lopez Lake to supply Harbor Terrace. “We have plenty of water for this project, and we’ll have plenty of water when this project is built, because we have an entitlement that exceeds, by far, the needs,” said Steve McGrath.

The San Luis Obispo County government said the harbor district has been given 100 acres of water to use each year. Currently, it uses 38 acres of water. With Harbor Terrace, the district would need an additional 30 acres of water, keeping it under the 100-acre maximum.

Rob Fitzroy, an environmental resource specialist with the county planning department, said if the drought worsens, certain conservation measures will kick in. “If it gets severe enough where it’s at 2% capacity or less, water allocations themselves will be reduced.”

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