An ordinance is expected to pass in Duluth, Minn., that would allow people visiting friends or family to park their RVs in private driveways and live in the vehicles during their stay. A final vote will come in less than two weeks, according to a report in the Duluth News Tribune.
Under a law passed in 1943, RVs are only allowed in licensed areas and can’t be parked in front yards or in driveways on private property.
Under the new ordinance, RV owners could park on private property and live in their vehicles for up to 35 consecutive days, but no more than 60 days in the same year. Businesses with more than 50 parking spaces could also allow RVs to park in their lots overnight.
The proposed law goes against a trend in Florida and other tourist destinations, where local communities have approved tough regulations banning RVs from residential areas.
Many cities throughout the south ban RVs from front yards, fearing neighborhoods would look like RV parks during the balmy winter months when snowbirds converge their communities. Some cities sell permits to limit and profit from residential RV parking.
The newspaper reported that local RV park owners in the Duluth area weren’t worried the change would hurt their business because private homes don’t offer utility hookups that many RV owners prefer. Also, many RVs are too wide and long to easily navigate city streets.
Duluth businesses owners with large parking lots haven’t decided whether they want RVs to stay overnight. Currently, a nearby Wal-Mart allows RVs to park in their lots for free and about five or six RVs are there any given night.