Dunkel_RV1If you’re an avid fan of off-road adventures, this will definitely send your heart racing, according to DUB Daily. For a mere $650,000, the 2010 Dunkel Industries luxury RV built from a Ford chassis offers everything you need for outdoor festivities, but with style. It’s literally beauty and the beast under one roof, with a cargo bed large enough to hold a full size car and room on the top for dirtbikes. You gain the freedom to travel at your pace, unrestricted from towing a trailer that limits your speed. A military grade 4×4 system made by Fabco makes their truck claw at the ground when normal RVs would be spinning their wheels. A custom wood, leather and fiberglass interior makes rest and nourishment comfortable and easy.Dunkel_RV5  The manufacturer is based in La Mirada, Calif.