Inside Dutchmen RV in Elkhart County, Ind., employees are in “catch up mode” to get back on track after an unusually cold December that led into one of the worst Januarys seen in decades, television station WSBT reported.

“When we lose a day of production, it can put us back two or three days,” explained Ken Julian, vice president of human resources for Thor Industries Inc.

Thor is Dutchmen’s parent company.

A Feb. 4 report showed preliminary sales for the company’s second quarter are projected to be $636.3 million down slightly from $636.6 million in the second quarter last year. That same report also shows the company’s backlog on January 31 was between 33 and 42% – meaning the level of demand for its products is higher than its supply.

“It’s a chain effect – it hits the suppliers, which trickles down to us,” Julian explained. “It impacts those that are hauling the units so they can’t make deliveries. Some of the yards are full of snow so they can’t even take our product off our delivery yards.”

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