Start-up builder Dynamo Truck Camper Extreme (TCX), a subsidiary of Silver Streak LLC, just unveiled a weld-free, aluminum truck camper frame in preparation for its first build.

Truck Camper reported that the Florida-based company also announced that it will be taking orders on its semicustom, lightweight campers this month.

“We’ve been perfecting the frame and body system for this camper for six months,” explained Ellie Dillon, Dynamo’s owner and director of operations. “We didn’t want to take anything for granted and have tested the strength and flex points of the frame both before the skin and with the Alclad 2024 T3 skin riveted on. We are happy to announce that it not only met our goals, but exceeds it, by quite a bit.”

The frame of this long-bed camper weighs 440 pounds and will boast a dry weight of only 1,200 pounds once the camper is complete.

“This frame is so light, that even I can rock it and it starts to lift from the dolly we’re building it on—one side can go up high enough see air under the bunk,” she said.

Initially, Dynamo TCX will sell four semi-custom models of various sizes: a 6-foot 5-inch short-bed model, an 8-foot long-bed model, a 9-foot 5-inch long-bed plus model, and an extra long 11-foot 5-inch model with custom boxes for flatbed mounts. All floorplans can be ordered either as a standard truck camper or as a toy hauler with an extra wide rear door and loading ramp.

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