Dyson announced the launch of its new DP-01 air purifier designed for use in RVs. 

“This product is long overdue in the RV industry, as it has HEPA filtration as its cornerstone,” said Brent Balser, general manager for manufacturers rep G3 Solutions, in a press release. “We have this new bladeless technology going into our education, food, medical, as well as industrial channels. For RVs, a smaller unit was needed.”

The DP-01 utilizes a carbon filter to eliminate common odors in RVs produced by LP, cooking, and black water. In addition, the DP-01 can be controlled and operated from a smart phone and is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation.

Balser reported that several OEMs are including the DP-01 in new product lines which will be on display at next week’s Elkhart County RV Open House.