Aqua-Hot announced that the EarthRoamer XV-HD Super C is now equipped with the company’s 600D hydronic heating solution.

According to a press release, the Aqua-Hot 600D delivers 65,600 Btu of quiet, evenly-distributed heat throughout the XV-HD and offers on-demand hot water. EarthRoamer chose in-floor radiant heating to eliminate cold spots and drafts. A secondary system quickly gets the cabin up to a comfortable temperature and serves as a redundant backup.

Featuring TribridHot, the 600D is highly adaptable, using engine heat when driving and AC electric when connected to shore power or a low emissions diesel burner when dry camping. On chilly mornings, the system will also preheat the engine.

“We chose Aqua-Hot because it gave us the ability to really simplify our heating system on the XV-HD,” said Tyler Tatro, EarthRoamer president and COO. “In our original design, we were potentially going to need five different heating units. The Aqua-Hot system allowed us to run all of our heating needs through just one unit.”

For more information visit www.aquahot.com.