While the Camping World Truck Series is on the longest break of its season, sponsorship woes continue to plague its teams, according to the Bleacher Report in San Francisco, Calif.

With the economy in a downturn, the report notes, it was predictable that in NASCAR the truck series would be most affected.

While there have been full fields of 36 trucks racing three or four times, a change is becoming apparent as the trucks prepare for an April 25 race in Kansas.

Half a dozen of the full-time teams due to lack of sponsors may be forced to switch to “race-to-race mode, run a part-time schedule, or park their trucks for good.”

No team owner or driver has been immune to the difficulty of landing sponsors for their teams, the Bleacher Report notes, while a few have been successful with finding and securing sponsors.

“Probably the lone bright spot has been Kevin Harvick Inc. who landed Monster Energy Drink, Longhorn Brand Smokeless Tobacco and has been adding a bunch of one-race sponsorships from Oakley Sunglasses, Charter Communications and Bounty.

“The team over the off-season lowered their asking price for sponsorship, worked it out that they aren’t affecting the team’s performance on the track, and maybe some of these other struggling teams need to follow suit,” the report notes.

“We’ve seen Todd Bodine win at Daytona in a sponsor-less No. 30 truck, then follow it up the next week with a second-place finish at Fontana and haven’t been able to attract a sponsor. They flirted with Tilted Kilt, but nothing materialized from the one-race deal and had Whelen on board at Martinsville. They are now in race-to-race mode and no sponsor, no race. This is a shame, since they are a contender for the championship in 2009,” the magazine stated.

While the report mentions several other part- and-full-time teams and their “sponsorship woes,” Camping World Inc. President Marcus Lemonis, whose firm agreed last October to a multi-year title sponsorship of the former Craftsman Truck Series, insists that the industry would be better off worrying about other things.

“As we see it,” Marcus told RVBUSINESS.com, “the sport of NASCAR is healthy.  “What all of us need to be focused on is the health of our entire RV industry, not just parts and pieces. It is paramount that we understand the interdependence of our sector, and NASCAR is only one arena in which our industry’s products are dominant in usage. This, along with other arenas, is important to showcase what our industry has to offer.”