With lower sales tax revenues and a suffering economy, the city of Bartlesville, Ok., will close an RV park and lights will be shut off at various facilities as city officials look for more ways to save money in a tightening budget, according to the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise.

The RV park — located off of Highway 123, just north of the Caney River Bridge — will be closed, beginning Feb. 1.

Also beginning on Feb. 1, lights will be shut off at the Sooner Park Tennis Courts, Johnstone Park Tennis Courts, Arutunoff Softball Fields and the Skate Park in Johnstone Park.

“Right now it’s based on the economy and, hopefully, if the economy turns around we’ll be able to turn the lights back on. It’s not a permanent thing,” Parks and Recreation Planner Brooke Cox said, referring to shutting off the lights. “(The lights are) something that’s not absolutely necessary.”