logo-1ADP Lightspeed, a provider of computerized dealer management solutions and industry data for adventure sports dealerships, has announced its new initiative to help all RV dealers increase liquidity by identifying and recovering cash from frozen dealership assets.

Using data collected from the company’s network of thousands of dealers, the company will publish four department-specific articles that focus on common cash management mistakes made at the department level, according to a news release. 

“If our dealer customers are not successful, we will not be successful,” stated Laurn Rice, general manager of ADP Lightspeed. “We are facing serious economic news that affects us all. Through our visibility in the market, we have access to information that we feel can help dealers find hidden cash in their parts department, sales processes, service operations and more. Right now dealers need every dollar of their business to be working for them, these articles are one way we want to help.” 

The articles are written by senior industry expert Hal Ethington and will be available to the entire industry through their website adplightspeed.com/findhiddencash. Each month, from July to October, ADP Lightspeed will post a new article which will review specific information on how to maximize profit in a dealership’s parts, service, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) operations. 

“We’re not saying we can solve the economic woes of our industry,” said Ethington, “but we do have important and unique information that could help our dealers secure some extra cash flow during these difficult times. If dealers look to the numbers and facts we will provide, it will help their dealerships run at peak performance at a difficult time for the entire industry.” 

ADP Lightspeed, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a part of ADP Dealer Services, which provides integrated computing solutions to over 25,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, powersports and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. ADP has approximately $8 billion in revenues and 550,000 clients.

For more information www.adplightspeed.com.