Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial appearing in the Forest City Summit touting the positive influence Winnebago Industries Inc. has on the area.

Winnebago Industries owns a lot of property in Forest City, Iowa, within Hancock County.

Each day, thousands of people enter and exit the property but people should be noticing more than just the typical use of company property.

The familiar WIT Grand National Rally was on the rally grounds from July 21-25. The public is accustomed to seeing motor homes parked on the grounds for that event. But, the rally grounds are the site for more than just WIT.

The region’s Boy Scouts gathered at the rally grounds for a camporee. Scouts from several communities camped on the grounds and attended a variety of activities on the grounds. Scout leaders said they appreciated the use of the rally grounds.

Later this month, the rally grounds and other Winnebago property will be used during Operation LZ, the welcome home event for Vietnam Era veterans.

Winnebago also opened its rally grounds and property for Memorial Day weekend’s Tree Town Musical Festival.

A company parking lot was opened to the Minnesota Autosports Club for a two-day autocross event July 25 and 25.

Whether this property is offered at a reduced rate, or even for free, to various organizations isn’t as important as the ability for organizations to use it.

Winnebago Industries is being a good neighbor. Which is good for lots of folks in Forest City and North Iowa.