Editor’s Note: The following was submitted to RVBUSINESS.com by Travelworld Motorhomes Managing Director Ross Edwards detailing the company’s opening of the Erwin Hymer Center Travelworld.

Travelworld Motorhomes, an established U.K. dealership, marked the start of a new relationship with the Erwin Hymer Group by hosting a dealership launch branded as Erwin Hymer Center Travelworld.

The dealership was officially opened on Feb. 18 with celebrity guests, figures from the local council and brand representatives from Hymer, Carado and Dethleffs, brands manufactured by Germany’s Erwin Hymer Group (EHG). A total of 500 customers visited the site on the first day of the launch with a total of 1,100 by the end of the week-long event.

Managing Director Ross Edwards said the move comes at an opportune time with Erwin Hymer Group’s recent acquisition by Thor Industries Inc. 

Edwards noted, “Fittingly, and in addition to the strengthening of all our relationships, our move coincides with an exciting time for EHG and its recent acquisition by Thor Industries Inc., a development that we can only see as offering further positive opportunities.

“We are very excited about this takeover as we were aware for some time that the Hymer family had decided to sell. This could have meant an investment from a faceless private equity firm or alike, but instead EHG found the ultimate partner in Thor.” 

The 42 year-old family business, which previously imported and retailed American RVs and continental brands, made the decision to become an exclusive agent for the Erwin Hymer Group in 2015. In July last year, the business was awarded official “Erwin Hymer Status” and rebranded as Erwin Hymer Center Travelworld. 

Edwards stated, “We have long held the desire to operate from a dealership befitting of the high-value, high-quality products we have always dealt with. It has taken a lot of patience and hard work for our dream to become a reality. Our showroom launch was significant in representing the final step in our journey to further strengthen relationships with all the Hymer Group brands.”

He noted that in addition to the partnership with Erwin Hymer, the company has also expanded its relationship with Fiat Professional franchise & EHG franchises Rent Easy and Goldschmitt chassis accessories.

Positioned on 5 1/2 acres, the new site has an 850-foot road frontage on M6, the U.K’s main north-south thoroughfare in close proximity to London and Birmingham. The facility features a large showroom area and 25-bay service center, that includes five sets of hydraulic ramps and an automated parts storage machine, all of which are located in a prime location on a motor retail park.

“When we moved into the dealership we were not only given the keys to a superb showroom but also entrance to a new wealth of opportunity in this central and accessible part of the U.K.,” said Edwards. “Thor, like EHG, has a huge market share in its respective international markets and is now the largest company in the industry globally.

“I believe that the benefits will be two-fold. Thor continues to develop motorhomes that are smaller and more practical, while the sheer buying power of the combined companies will have significant impact in the global marketplace.”