National rental firm El Monte RV has added Friend Communication’s RV park and campground directory and reservation system to its website.
Friend’s system allows visitors seeking motorhome rentals the option to place online, real-time reservations at select parks and campgrounds.
“We wanted our site to be a one-stop shop for RV travelers,” said Joe Laing, director of marketing for El Monte. “With this system, guests can rent an RV and book campsites all in one place.”
“This partnership offers El Monte guests online reservation capabilities that today’s consumers expect and enjoy,” Friend President Gary Pace said. “The convenience of this system creates customer satisfaction, which then leads to repeat business for El Monte. Both the company and the consumer benefit – it’s a win-win situation.”
Some campgrounds have attempted to offer online bookings, but have struggled to find efficient ways of doing so, Pace said. Other reservation systems require campground owners to set aside entire blocks of campsites so they can be offered online. Those that are set aside are locked into online reservations. This means that if no one books over the web, campsites can sit vacant, causing the campground owner lost sales.
Traditionally, the most common way to place reservations via the Internet has been for guests to e-mail reservations to the campgrounds. Customers must then wait for a manual confirmation and, after receiving it they can then look into RV rentals. With Friend, everything exists in one spot, eliminating the waiting and hassles, Pace explained.
“People want more sophisticated online products,” Laing said. “We wanted something that would be easy for the consumer. We knew that Friend has the experience and the background to make it happen. And it targets the exact demographic we wanted to reach.”