Friend Communications and El Monte RV have expanded their partnership to serve the emerging demand for U.S. RV rentals by vacationers from the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe.
“Travelers from the UK can now conveniently book U.S. motorhome rental and campsite reservations through an exclusive UK website,” said Joe Laing, director of marketing for California-based El Monte RV, in a press release. “El Monte RV is responding to the growing trend of the U.S. as a popular travel destination for vacationers from the UK and Europe.”
Statistics show that travel from the UK/Western Europe to the U.S. increased by 6% from 2004 to 2005. That figure is likely to increase even more in 2006, according to Mike Gurnell of MGA International, the tour company coordinating motorhome reservations in the UK for El Monte RV’s website.
“We wanted our site to be a one-stop shop for RV travelers,” Laing said. “With our online system enhanced by Friend Communications, British vacationers can rent an RV and book campsites for their U.S. adventure all in one place.”
Friend’s reservation system operates in real time, so campground and RV resort reservations are confirmed right away.
“These days, if we don’t respond immediately, we’re going to lose the booking,” Laing said. “Our system is a logical progression for the user. First the motorhome is booked and pick-up location is confirmed, then with a few more keystrokes, the desired campgrounds are booked and confirmed. The customer gets all the information in one place, online, immediately.
Deb Kohls, vice president of business development at Friend, noted that El Monte RV is contributing to growing the RV lifestyle market through its Internet strategies. “El Monte RV appeals to a younger demographic, which is bringing newcomers into the marketplace,” she said.