El Monte RV, the 38-location rental firm based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., now is offering “fleet manager one-way specials” to move motorhomes to its locations where they are needed the most.
The deals can be found by visiting El Monte’s website, www.elmonterv.com.
The current special is for people willing to drive a Class A or a Class C motorhome from one of El Monte’s locations in the Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas areas to its Dallas/Fort Worth locations.
The cost is $15 per day for the first five days and 50% off the applicable daily rate afterwards. That means someone renting a 22-foot Class C from El Monte for seven days who drives it from Los Angeles to Dallas would pay only $151, which includes $21 per night for the sixth and seventh nights, $14 for California licensing fees and $20 for an RV starter kit.
The first 1,500 miles are free and there is no drop-off charge.
The fleet manager special from LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas to Dallas will continue through May 25. The eligible units include Class C’s from 19 to 29 feet and Class A’s from 28 to 36 feet. Class A’s from 31 to 36 feet with one slideout also are available.
El Monte has around 1,800 units in its fleet.
“By doing a little research and checking the website for new specials on a regular basis, travelers can land some incredible deals,” said Joe Laing, director of marketing for El Monte.