Lippert CEO Jason Lippert pitches in at Five Star Life campground

Five Elkhart, Ind., companies representing various industries along with more than 100 volunteers came together Tuesday (June 19) to help the Five Star Life nonprofit campground prepare for the upcoming camping season.

Facilitated by Acts of Service, a Lippert Components Inc. initiative, volunteers helped groom the grounds at the 300-acre camp in Union, Mich., despite rainy conditions.

“To be a part of and see companies coming together to help Five Star Life in a time of need is exactly why Acts of Service was created. We continue to connect real-time needs with people in our community who want to give back and get involved. Some businesses even made it into a family event,” said Acts of Service Director Michilah Grimes in a press release.

Acts of Service business partners Genesis Products Inc., Lippert, Specialized Staffing, Welch Packaging and KemKrest participated in the project, helping with weeding, cleaning, organization and camp set up.

“We are grateful for the organizations that participated with Acts of Service at Summit,” said Seth Maust, Five Star Life. “The volunteers invaded like an army, worked enthusiastically, and accomplished in two hours what would have taken our staff weeks. The impact Acts of Service has goes beyond the physical projects that were completed. It’s also a morale boost and shot in the arm for our staff as we head into a busy summer season impacting students.”

In addition to spearheading volunteerism efforts, Acts of Service allows groups or companies to set team goals, record and track collective and individual team member volunteer hours, and report their community impact. For more details or to get involved, visit www.ActsofService.com.