Business is booming at the ABC Bus refurbishing complex in Nappanee, so much so that company officials are predicting a large influx of jobs could be on its way to the facility in the not-too-distant future.

The Goshen News reported that ABC Bus announced the news during a press conference Wednesday (April 11) morning at the company’s facility in Goshen, which serves as ABC’s primary refurbishment center for the bus and motorcoach industry. During the press conference, ABC Bus Vice President and General Manager Lee Loper indicated the facility has far exceeded the company’s expectations since it was first opened in September 2010.

“We’ve been up a little higher, we’ve been down a little lower, but now we’re back on the rise again,” Loper said of the facility. “Currently we employ about 165 people on this campus, and we’re in the process of hiring some more. I have to hire another 35 people immediately. We’re on the hunt for experienced mechanical technicians.”

In addition to those immediate hiring needs, Loper noted the company is also attempting to obtain big project contracts. If those contracts are signed, even more workers will be needed.

“We have four more projects that are out there in reach for us to secure,” Loper said.

Should business at the complex continue to go well and at least two of those four project contracts be secured, Loper said he anticipates having to double his current work force in order to handle the increase in workload. However, should the company have the good fortune of securing all four of those potential project contracts, Loper said the sky is really the limit as far as how many new workers he may have to hire in the future.

“A bigger footprint at this complex is our goal,” Loper said.