The 2nd Annual Elkhart County Manufacturing Days is set to run Oct. 2-11, providing approximately 1,922 eighth grade students the opportunity to visit local manufacturers to explore the diverse education and career paths available today in manufacturing.

Founded in 2012, Manufacturing Days (MFG) is a nationwide annual celebration of modern manufacturing during which manufacturers invite students and educators to visit their operations in a collective effort to showcase manufacturing career opportunities, technological advances and to improve public perceptions of modern manufacturing.

According to a press release, all 10 middle schools in Elkhart County are participating this year, spurring the creation of a new curriculum collaboratively created by Elkhart County school’s representatives for the student’s continued education of the manufacturing industry. Parent events will also be held throughout Elkhart County after the company visits in October at each of the participating middle schools. 

MFG Week is an opportunity to:

• Learn the truth about manufacturing and manufacturing careers.

• Inspire a new generation of manufacturers.

• Learn what is being made in the community.

• Encourage entrepreneurship and inspire creativity.

National Manufacturing Day is scheduled for Oct. 6 as companies will open their doors to those interested in learning about progressive manufacturing industries and the opportunities that are available. To learn more about National Manufacturing Day and the events nationwide, visit www.mfgday.com