Officials in Elkhart County, Ind., where many of the RV industry’s manufacturing plants are located, recently approved of a new tax on motor vehicles to help pay for road repairs, but RV owners were not singled out, according to WNDU-TV of South Bend, Ind.
The Elkhart County Council approved of an additional $20 tax on cars, sport utility vehicles, buses and RVs, effective Jan. 1. For semitrailers, the tax will be $25 and for tractors it will be $15.
A majority of the council voted in favor of the tax because they believe a $1 million budget shortfall developed over the last two years, after Indiana reduced its excise tax on motor vehicles in the late 1990s.
The new so-called wheel tax will be in effect in 2004 and 2005. About two years from now, the council will decide whether to renew the tax.
Neighboring St. Joseph County, Ind., where South Bend is located, approved a similar wheel tax earlier this year.