Thor's sprawling display at the Elkhart Open House

Elkhart, Ind.-based real estate firm Northland Corp. announced it will be looking to lease numerous prime location sites during Elkhart County’s 5th Annual RV Open House Week, set to run Sept. 18-20 throughout the RV-building hub.

Rob Letherman, vice president of Northland, told RVBUSINESS.com that the lots – all ranging from one to two acres – will occupy pockets along CR 6, a major east-west artery on the north side of Elkhart. Importantly, the sites will run between the focal points for the event – Thor Industries Inc.’s display at the RV Hall of Fame and Forest River Inc.’s exhibit area on the grounds of its Dynamax subsidiary.

“We made a deal with Thor that we wouldn’t use property south and west of the Hall of Fame,” Letherman said, noting the area is all part of Northland’s Elkhart East development. “The sites on CR 6 are primarily on corners and will have ample land to set up a lot of RVs. We will be permitting signs, generators and tents so they can have nice display areas.”

Letherman reported that he began receiving calls in February and then “got a lot more inquiries” this month. “We’re new to this, so we had to look closely at the pockets of land and then research pricing,” Letherman said. “We’re hoping that by April 1 we can come back to the interested parties with each site mapped out in detail.”

He added, “Everything will be on a first come, first served basis. Eight manufacturers have already expressed interest, so right now they’re at the top of the list.”