An Elkhart, Ind., firm recently shipped a Class C motorhome prototype to a company in China where similar Ford Transit van-mounted motorhomes will be produced.
Product Spectrum of Elkhart designed and built the prototype and it will continue to supply laminated materials to the Chinese motorhome builder, CenTech Specialty Vehicles Co.
Product Spectrum is owned by Vern Wamsley, who has carved a niche supplying materials and design expertise to companies that specialize in providing RV tours in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The motorhomes are assembled in the distant lands using the materials supplied by Product Spectrum.
Meanwhile, CenTech was founded by Alan Wang, a 39-year entrepreneur who has made several visits to Elkhart in recent months in search of suppliers and experts in RV design and manufacturing.
The Class C prototype that Wamsley’s company built is on a cutaway version of the Transit van, which is assembled by a Ford Motor Co. joint venture partner in China. The Transit comes with a 4-cylinder, 2.6-litre, 110- or 120-horsepower turbo-diesel engine and is considered under-powered by North American standards.
Because few people in China can afford to buy an RV, Wang is targeting car rental firms and tour companies as the market for his Class C’s.
One of Wang’s goals is to complete some units in time for display at the Beijing/Shanghai Auto Show in Beijing June 6-13.