Elkhart County leaders are in Goshen, Ind., today (Nov. 11) to discuss ways to reshape the area’s educational and entrepreneurial future.

The Horizon 2.0 kick-off event builds on the original Horizon Plan that outlined a comprehensive vision for the future of economic and quality of life development in the northern Indiana community, according to a news release. Braddock, Pa., Mayor John Fetterman is among today’s featured speakers. His community has lost 90% of its population over the past few decades due corporate globalization and suburbanization.

He is focusing on restoring quality of life in the community with a current population of around 3,000. Fetterman has focused on community policing and outreach programs targeting young people in the community. He says part of the effort is a summer youth employment program in Allegheny County, Pa, which includes Pittsburgh.

Fetterman says that has served as a “great starting point” for a quality of life renaissance in Braddock.