Indiana’s Elkhart County currently faces a major worker shortage, and city leaders are working tirelessly to change that. But, according to an ABC 57 report, it’s not only companies and community leaders who are focused on the future of the RV industry, it’s the workers brought in from all over the world. And some of those employees say they fully believe the industry holds a promising future.

“We are somewhere between 8,500 and 15,000 positions short in Elkhart County,” said Levon Johnson president/CEO of Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a big challenge right now as you’re trying to fill positions and get orders out, especially in the RV industry where we just had a record quarter with 50,000 units going out and we continue to have record quarters back to back to back.”

Johnson is consistently brainstorming ways to help fill the gaps in worker shortages in Elkhart County.

“It’s a different challenge. When you start looking outside of Elkhart County, obviously you’re trying to introduce people to Elkhart County if they don’t know about it. So it’s ‘is this a place for them to live?” said Johnson.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative called “What’s Next”. They brought in 50 college students to see the opportunities Elkhart County and the RV industry has to offer, and hopefully, fill some of those job gaps.

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