Several Mobile Crew Units (MCU), customized tool boxes on wheels, and four-member work crews were dispatched to the southeastern U.S. in mid-September to help with repairs from the series of hurricanes that devastated the area.
“We were headed to an American Public Works Convention in Atlanta with our display units when Hurricane Ivan took its turn,” said Ric Harvey, CEO of Mobile Crew Units International LLC, a new company based in Elkhart, Ind., which intends to deliver the first commercial Mobile Crew Unit in December. “It was obvious to us that the people in Florida and Alabama and Louisiana were in need of help.”
Harvey said the company’s crews would perform repairs and cleanup wherever directed by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).
Forest River Inc., also of Elkhart, will initially build 2,000 customized cargo shells for the company.
The 14-foot steel-and-aluminum trailers feature lighted interior work benches and 54 tools, including: 10″ table saws with cast-aluminum tables, chainsaws, power washers, 5-cubic-foot cement mixers, wet-and-dry vacuums, air-impact wrenches, air die grinders, five 18-gallon water tanks, two 18-gallon gasoline tanks, microwave ovens, subfloors with room for 15 8-by-4 sheets of 3/8-inch plywood, 20-ton air-over-hydraulic bottle jacks, 5.5-hp compressors, sand blasters and battery chargers.
“There’s every tool that is necessary to be ready for anything and everything,” Harvey said. “There are times when you want to build a hospital in the Arctic and other times when you want to build a Ritz Carlton Hotel in the desert. Mobile Crew Units will do both.”
Harvey said units fully equipped retail for about $42,000.