Average hourly pay rates for employees in RV-rich Elkhart County, Ind., recently were published in the Elkhart Truth.
The September 2003 National Compensation Survey, compiled by the U.S. Labor Department, documented pay scales for the various work sectors in Elkhart County.
Included were RV production workers, who are known to make over $20 an hour with some of the area manufacturers.
Some of the highlights include:
* The average worker was paid $15.12 per hour.
* White-collar workers averaged $18.91 per hour.
* Blue-collar employees averaged $14.15 per hour.
* Workers in service occupations earned $10.26 per hour.
The survey covered 182 county firms representing 65,000 workers. Of the total surveyed, 91% worked in private industry.
Average hourly wages also were published for 29 detailed occupations. Blue-collar occupations included industrial machinery repairers earning $18.42 per hour, welders and cutters at $14.57; and molding and casting machine operators at $11.58.
Among the white-collar workers, registered nurses averaged $21.08 per hour; secretaries, $13.09; and teachers’ aides, $11.04.
The National Compensation Survey provides broad coverage of selected occupational characteristics. For example, full-time employees in the area averaged $15.55 per hour and part-timers earned $8.51.
Union workers in blue-collar jobs averaged $15.70 per hour, while their nonunion counterparts made $13.87.
Private-industry workers in establishments employing 50 to 99 workers averaged $12.27 per hour and those in establishments with 500 or more employees earned $16.76.