Sobel University reported a record breaking January comprehensive sales course, putting enrollment up 21% over 2017.

“The amazing thing about the January class was not the quantity of students in attendance, but the quality.” said Sobel University President Randy Sobel in a press release. “Our dealers are doing a better job hiring and investing in applicants. The test scores are the best I’ve seen in our 27 years of teaching this class.”

Sobel compares the trend he is seeing with research showing that Millennials are looking for companies that will invest in them so they can gain the skills for professional advancement.

“The dealers we work with are expecting applicants to come out of the shoot fast and participate in the record number of RV sales. They are sending more of their staff through this class to give them the skills to help today’s modern customers,” said Sobel.

The January comprehensive sales course held in Tacoma, Wash., saw a diversity of students from Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri,  

To serve the east coast better the next comprehensive sales course will be held in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 12-16.