The RV industry should finish this year strong, in the opinion of one key industry supplier — Garry Enyart, director of RV business for Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, Minn.

Enyart, of course, is not alone in that opinion.

”What we are seeing is that 2009 is a non-traditional demand curve,” Enyart told RVBusiness during the recent RV Dealers International Convention in Las Vegas. ”Obviously, the first half of the year was relatively slow, but the last half of the year is going to finish strong. I believe that Q1 of 2010 will be a good quarter as well and 2010 looks to be a good year overall compared to 2009 and the last half of 2008.”

Enyart said his expectations are based on the fact that Cummins, a supplier of Onan generators, has watched dealer inventories closely and tracked some of the larger dealers.

”As we’ve watched their inventory, obviously, the motorized inventory has been drawn down as have the towables” he said. ”We are seeing lead times extended by a number of both towable and motorized manufacturers. We think that bodes well for the future, as well as stabilization of manufacturing schedules at the OEMs. That means fewer shutdowns than last year.”

Enyart said he still has faith that the Baby Boomer generation that has begun to retire will be looking to make lifestyle changes.

”Starting in 2010 for 14 years — on average — every eight seconds, somebody turns 60,” Enyart said. ”That’s 340,000 people a month. That’s a significant demographic.”

And he’s convinced that those retirees will look to purchase RVs, he said.

”Many of my (non-RV industry) friends are looking at the RV lifestyle as a way to keep life simpler,” Enyart offered. ”You don’t have to have real estate in Florida where you have to worry about hurricane insurance and a lot of added costs and taxes going up. You can be mobile and at a variety of price points, you can lead a nice lifestyle.”