Editor’s Note: The following op-ed by RV Industry Association (RVIA) Chairman Garry Enyart highlights the upcoming RVs Move America Week.

Every year, the RV Industry Association hosts meetings and events, but one of the most important and most rewarding meetings is RVs Move America Week – formerly known as Committee Week and Advocacy Day.

RVs Move America Week is an important annual gathering, because it brings members from across the RV industry to Washington to meet with their Congressional Representatives and federal agencies to advocate for issues important to our industry. This conversations had on Capitol Hill and across Washington, D.C. are made more effective as the entire RV industry comes together at one time and with a single, unified voice to our elected officials.

The role of every association member is to be active in setting the strategic direction for the industry, and in addition to the federal work, the association’s committees will also gather to discuss initiatives and matters crucial to our future prosperity and direction. The RV Industry Association’s committees steer the direction of the organization, and these meetings are the best time to actively participate in the process of shaping strategic priorities. RVs Move America Week is the perfect opportunity to engage with your association, be part of the conversation on how to continue our growth, strengthen your personal network and influence the future of the RV industry.

I’ll be in Washington the first week of June, and I encourage you to join me. Just like in each of our companies, we are only as strong as our people. Associations are no different, and the RV Industry Association is only as strong as our members.

Together we are stronger, and RVs Move America Week is our best opportunity each year to demonstrate on a national scale the