Thetford's "green" RV care product line

Thetford's "green" RV care product line

Committed to developing high-quality, “green” products, Thetford Corp. has introduced its new line of Design for the Environment (DfE)–recognized RV cleaning products. This eco-friendly line meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) DfE program’s rigorous criteria without sacrificing performance, according to a news release.

Safer for humans and the environment, the five-product line includes UltraFoam Black Streak Remover, UltraFoam Awning Cleaner, Wash & Wax, Mildew Stain Remover and Hard Water Spot Remover. Non-toxic and biodegradable, it’s packaged in bottles made out of recyclable plastic that contain 25% post-consumer recycled content.

“Since RV cleaners are used outdoors, they must meet even stricter requirements than household products,” said Mary Burrows, Thetford’s manager of chemical development. “We will continue working with the EPA to produce more environmentally-responsible products in the future.”

The EPA founded the DfE program to reduce pollution through prevention. All products carrying the EPA/DfE logo do not contain inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents or environmentally harmful surfactants, and use only the safest possible ingredients while maintaining or improving product performance.

Thetford’s UltraFoam Black Streak Remover delivers a thick foam that clings to and coats surfaces, quickly and easily getting rid of black streaks, bugs and other tough soils. Eliminating mold, mildew and leaf stains, as well as sap and bird droppings, the UltraFoam Awning Cleaner is safe for both vinyl and other fabrics.

The company’s RV Wash & Wax is a professional-strength formula that removes the toughest soils, while leaving a protective shine. Its Mildew Stain Remover is chlorine-free and color-safe on all surfaces. Lifting mineral deposits and erasing tough hard water spots, the Hard Water Spot Remover can be used indoors and outdoors.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., Thetford Corp. is the world’s leading supplier of sanitation and refrigeration products for the recreational vehicle, marine and heavy-duty truck industries. Thetford is a privately-held company with eight manufacturing facilities in four nations.