Origen RV Accessories, parent company of RV SnapPad, announced a new supplier agreement with Equalizer Systems, a division of Days Corp..

According to a press release, Equalizer Systems partnered with RV SnapPad to carry their lineup of permanent jackpads and levelers for Equalizer System’s proprietary RV and motorhome leveling products.

Jason Loose, division director at Equalizer Systems, said, “When I first saw the RV SnapPad I knew that it was going to be a great add-on for our jacks. It helps with so many things that we had to partner up with them.”

Earlier this year, RV SnapPad announced their Equalizer compatible lineup of permanent RV jack pads called “SnapPad EQ”. Since then, the company has released many variants of SnapPad EQ for different configurations of landing feet for Class A motorhomes and fifth-wheels.

“We’re excited to be working with Equalizer Systems directly. It has massive benefits for both companies as far as design, distribution, and customer support,” said Devon Wilson, COO of RV SnapPad.

As a result of the new agreement, Equalizer Systems will begin selling SnapPad EQ pads at its online store, as well as through a select number of RV rallies later this year.

SnapPad EQ ranges in price from $169 to $299, and can be purchased directly from SnapPad or from the Equalizer Systems parts store. For more information on Equalizer Systems, visit their site.