Uncertainty and frustration continues at Erwin Hymer Group.The motorhome manufacturer out of Cambridge, that also owns the Kitchener-based company Roadtrek, says it has been forced to reduce staff. Employees say notices were handed out on Monday and that roughly 100 workers in the region would be reportedly laid off due to an economic downturn.

Most people who spoke to CTV Kitchener say everyone still working at the company are worried about what’s to come and that the recent layoffs could just be the beginning.

“It is hard to work today when you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” said current employee Ryan Rogers.

“Everyone is standing around,” said current employee William Singleton. “Everyone is scared.”

Singleton says that he and several of his coworkers received an email Thursday morning stating that vacation pay was being withheld due to an audit.


The email says staff will be paid out at a later date.


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