About 900 people are out of work at Cambridge-based recreational-vehicle maker Erwin Hymer North America, after the company filed for receivership Friday, weeks after being cut out of a multi-billion-dollar takeover deal.

The Toronto Star reported that employees were called into a company meeting Friday afternoon and told they were terminated, effective immediately, assembly line lead William Singleton said in an interview with the Star.

“There were a lot of emotional people in that room. Some people were angry. Some people were crying. Some people had been there 30 or 40 years,” said Singleton, adding that the only employees still left were a handful of payroll workers to make sure people got their remaining paycheques.

“We’re getting paid up until today, and they’re giving us vacation pay but no severance. Everybody but the payroll people are gone. Even the guy who told us is gone,” Singleton added.

Other employees who didn’t want to be named confirmed the terminations.

Formerly Roadtrek Motorhomes, the business was purchased in 2016 by German-based Erwin Hymer Group, one of the largest global players in the RV industry and manufacturers of the popular Hymer brand.

An email request for comment to a U.S.-based communications company which had been representing the company wasn’t immediately returned. The personal voicemail box of Erwin Hymer North America CEO Jim Hammill was full.

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