Escape Traveler

Escape Traveler

Today’s recreational vehicles have become quite cookie cutter. According to Bold Ride, many RVs and camping trailers offer impressive living quarters and amenities, but from the outside there’s no escaping that typical camping trailer look. This stunning abode is different, however. 

It’s called the Escape Traveler, and while it may look like stylish summer cottage – it’s actually a towable, completely mobile camping trailer with room for six and an eye-opening 269 square-feet of floor space. It can be hooked up to most full-size pickup trucks and towed from campsite to campsite all summer…or if you don’t own a home, it can be pulled to a scenic plot of land and set up for a more permanent residence.

It’s quite the stunning bit of mobile architecture, though the price tag may be even more remarkable – $65,600. Why even buy a house at all?

The Escape Traveler fits an impressive amount of home into a reasonably small space. Inside, the unit features a full-size kitchen and bathroom, large dining area, living area, and loft space for storage or extra sleeping quarters. Each area is packed to the gills with amenities too. Buyers receive a full tub and shower, full-size refrigerator, oven, stove top, washer and dryer, running hot water, and the option of a fireplace with a big screen TV, and grey, black, and fresh water tanks. Effectively, it is a house…just on wheels.

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